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W4AN Memorial Trust Fund
Dayton Raffle

To Benefit Bill's children, Graeme & Erik Fisher

Drawing was held
04:00z Sunday May 16th
(Midnight local time Saturday night)
Suite 1201, Crowne Plaza Hotel

Winners announced!
The winner's callsign appears next to the prize they won. See below.
$20,000 raised for the Trust Fund!!!
We would like to thank everyone for their generosity. We had no idea that this much money would be raised from something that only lasted four days. Since all of the prizes were donated, every single penny will go into the trust fund for Graeme and Erik.
Over $7,500 in prizes!
Thanks to the incredible support of the ham radio business community, we are able to offer over $7,500 in prizes, including a new ICOM IC-756PROII, generously donated by ICOM America. See below for all the great prizes.

Additional Details:
  • Drawing was held 05:00z Sunday May 16th (Midnight Dayton local time Saturday night), Suite 1201, Crowne Plaza Hotel
  • Need not be present to win.
  • USA Winners: Your prize will be shipped to your Callbook Address.
  • DX Winners: You may need to pay all or part of the shipping costs.
    Thanks for your generosity!
    If you have any questions that have not been answered here, please e-mail KA9FOX at ka9fox@qth.com.

       - Scott KA9FOX
       - Paul K9PG
       - Chad WE9V
       - Mike K9NW

    A note from the grand prize winner:

    Dear Scott, Paul, Chad and Mike,

    WOW - this is completely unbelievable!  I had no intention nor expectation of winning this raffle, I really just wanted to help out the kids. Coincidentally, however, I used an IC-756PROII at W2XL last fall for Sweepstakes Phone and totally fell in love with it. I have wanted one ever since; but until now, getting one was totally out of reach for me.

    This is a bittersweet moment, because the only reason for this raffle was for all of us to get together and try to put as big a band-aid as possible on a wound the size of the world in the hearts of two precious young boys who were struck by the worst imaginable tragedy. Owning this radio for the rest of my life will provide a constant daily reminder of the fragility of this supreme blessing we call the gift life, a gift that we can so easily start to take for granted until we are slapped in the face by the shocking yet inevitable reality of its impermanence. I am honored and thrilled to be entrusted with the "W4AN Memorial Radio", and will endeavor to make sure it lives up to its namesake and heritage, to the best of my abilities (though they are a far cry from Bill's.)

    Thanks so much to you four for creatively creating this benefit event in order to raise a very sizable chunk of money for Graeme and Erik. Being fond of easy, round numbers, I would like you to let me know how much additional funds are needed to make it an even $20,000, and I will make an additional donation in that exact amount.

    I'd also like to extend a huge thanks to Icom America, Tennadyne, Array Solutions, Bencher, Idiom Press, N7LYY, Comtek Systems, SuperQSL.com, Heil Sound, Lance Johnson Engineering, N4QA, Solder-It, The Mast Company, DX4WIN, Octavia QSLs, Cheapham.com, Unified Microsystems/W9XT, K1JEK, KG4's YJR & YJQ, QTH.com, Neutek USA, TR Log, DWM Communications, ProLog - Datamatrix, Harbach Electronics, Amateur Radio Companion, ManualMan, K9LU Amateur Radio Products, and K7BON for making this an amazing success. Each of you should know that there were hams who bought tickets because they wanted to help Graeme and Erik, but they also wanted to win YOUR prize. Not only that, but we will all remember you and your generosity next time we are shopping for what you offer.

    In much the same fashion as for a civil defense emergency, hams have once again shown that we can organize and come together quickly, elegantly, and successfully in a time of need, even when that need might involve helping people we don't even know. We touch the lives of others in such a meaningful and lasting way - it always makes me so proud to be a ham.

    Very 73 all,

    John Worthington

    ICOM IC-756PROII - Winner WA2GO
    Value $2,500 - Donated by ICOM America
    Pulling signals out of the air just got easier! Thanks to YOU. Many of the improvements in the IC-756PROII came from hams who offered suggestions on how to make the incredibly popular '756PRO even better. Click on the small image to get a large picture of the IC-756PROII. Brief summary: Full spec sheet available by clicking here (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

    Tennadyne T8 8 element Log Periodic Antenna and Balun - Winner N4GN
    Value $698 - Donated by Tennadyne
    The Log-Periodic Antenna is the most effective and efficient single feedline, multi-band antenna available today. The TENNADYNE Advantages: State-of-the-Art Design, Antennas that shed wind load, Low cost, Light Weight, Maximum bandwidth, Unsurpassed frequency agility, Low wind area/resistance, Fast and easy assembly with no special tools, High strength, One feedline, Excellent performance. Prize includes one T8 Log-Periodic Beam and a Balun, with free shipping in the Continental US.

    Six-Pak Antenna Switch & Controller - Winner K5GH
    Value $400 - Donated by Array Solutions
    The SixPak is an RF relay matrix designed to switch 6 antenna feedlines to 1 or 2 radios or amplifiers. It can be mounted inside the shack or outside up on the tower. Electro-mechanical fail-safe interlocking ensures neither radio can feed power into the other. Prize includes one Six-Pak Antenna switch and one Controller.

    Butternut HF2V 80/40m Vertical - Winner W9RN
    Value $315 - Donated by Bencher and Idiom Press
    Optimize your performance on 80 & 40 meters. All 32 feet are active on both bands, maximizing efficiency. The HF2V can be used with or without the TLK Top Loading Kit for added bandwidth. Accessory kits for 160 meter or 30 meter coverage available. Comes complete with 2 ft. (61 cm) mounting tube, 1-1/4 in. (31.8 mm) OD, for direct placement in earth or into standard steel TV mast. Requires radial system such as GRK Ground Radial Kit. Height (Adjustable): 32 ft (9.8 m) Shipping Weight: 13 lbs (5.9 kg). Feed Point Impedance: Nominal 50 ohms. Pigtail connection at base of antenna. VSWR at Resonance: 1.5:1 or less on all bands. Power Rating: 2 kW PEP on all bands. Unguyed Wind Survival: 60 mph (96.6 kph). Prize includes shipping in the USA.

    DK3 Screwdriver HF Mobile Antenna - Winner W2WJO
    Value $265.00 - Donated by N7LYY
    Only ONE Antenna covers 10m through 160m! Made (and improved on) by N7LYY since 1993. Being used all over world. Continuous tuning from 10 to 160 meters via remote switch. Handles up to 500 watts. Comes to you assembled and ready to install. Can be painted to match your vehicle. All of this for just $245.00! Prize includes shipping in the USA.

    STACK-2 - Two-high Stack Switch - Winner AE6Y
    Value $194.95 - Donated by Comtek Systems
    STACK-2 New, affordable, 2-High stack switch for tribanders, log periodics, or monobanders from 40 to 10 meters. Amphenol silver tip connectors, MOV's (a Comtek standard since 1994), Potter & Brumfield relays, and 2.4" OD UNUN provide reliability at 3KW maximum power levels. Simply run two equal lengths of 50 ohm coax from the STACK-2 to each antenna and a 3 conductor control line and enjoy increased performance in contests or chasing DX.

    Custom Neon Callsign Lamp - Winner KQ9L
    Value $189.95 - Donated by SuperQSL.com
    SuperQSL.com is run by KC2JAR. We have been in the printing and sign business for over 25 years. We offer QSL Card printing, Shack Memo stationery, and very cool Neon Callsign Lamps. For your convenience we accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express & Discover. This prize is for one of Neon Callsign Lamps. It includes a black base and your callsign in a variety of colors.

    Heil Pro Set 4 - Winner N6IG
    Value $130.00 - Donated by Heil Sound
    The Pro Series Boomsets are designed to meet the high standards of the most critical Multi-Op Contester and DX Chasers! Now with Speaker Phase Reversal! We have added a speaker Phase Reversal switch that allows you to change the sound field between the two speakers. This lightweight, comfortable headset features a fully flexible boom with a HC-4 "DXers" element, and heavily stuffed ear pads that cover the entire ear and seals out noise. The Pro Set has set the standard for amateur radio headsets. It is THE choice of award-winning stations world wide.

    1000 Full-color QSL Cards - FIVE Separate prizes - Winners W0FM, KG5U, K4WA, K1HTV, AC5QV
    Value $129.95 each, Total Value $649.75 - Donated by SuperQSL.com
    SuperQSL.com is run by KC2JAR. We have been in the printing and sign business for over 25 years. We offer QSL Card printing, Shack Memo stationery, and very cool Neon Callsign Lamps. Let us design it, or if you have your own graphic capabilities and want to send your own files, feel free to do so. For your convenience we accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express & Discover.

    ECP-1 40/80/160m Remote Preamplifier System - Winner N2MG
    Value $129.00 - Donated by Lance Johnson Engineering
    The ECP-1 by Lance Johnson Engineering is a Low Band Receive Only Remote Preamplifier System for the 40-80 and 160 Meter Bands. This system was developed in 1997 by a Certified Professional Engineer and has been critically reviewed in the April 1998, Low Band Monitor, after two years of Beta testing by Colorado low band enthusiasts. The basic ECP-1 Preamplifier System is made up of FOUR components: 1) Power Signal Box; 2) Preamplifier; 3) Protective Enclosure; and 4) Termination.

    Small Wonder Labs DSW-40 QRP Radio - Winner N8DSG
    Value $125.00 - Donated by N4QA
    This Small Wonder Labs DSW-40 QRP rig was expertly built by Joe Roof, W4JHR, and has no modifications. The DSW-series radio kits are sold by Dave Benson of Small Wonder Labs. It is a VERY capable single band, DDS-synthesized, superhet, 2W transceiver. It has a built-in PIC-based keyer, and the PIC provides a number of other functions in controlling the rig. You have an audio frequency readout, in CW; a really nice RIT; two tuning rates that really do the job-using an optical encoder; and an extended frequency range on receive, covering pretty much the entire 40M band and some beyond.

    SolderPro-120K Butane powered Multi-Function Tool Kit - Winner W3BW
    Value $119.00 - Donated by Solder-It
    The SOLDERPRO 120K is a 4-in-1 kit including the following items: The Soldering Iron tip temperature of 500C (950F) is equivalent to that of an approximatly 120 watt electric soldering iron. The Blow Torch operates at temperatures of up to 1300C (2400F) making it the perfect tool for heavy soldering and brazing. The Heat Blower tip has an adjustable tempature of up to 480C (950F) and is idea for heat-shrink tubing. The Hot Knife has a tip temperature of 500C (950F) and is specifically designed to cut and cauterize most synthetic materials.

    32 Ft Heavy Duty Fiberglass Telescopic Pole - Winner AB0RF
    Value $115.00 - Donated by The Mast Company
    The Mast Company announces the arrival of a new 32 Ft Heavy Duty Fiberglass Telescopic Pole suitable for supporting vertical wire antennas and light-weight dipole arrays. The dark-green Heavy Duty 32 ft. pole is very suitable for use in restricted neighborhoods where the green color will blend with background vegetation. Originally designed for windsocks, these are very strong with a heavy-duty stiff large diameter (5/16 inch) top section. The 32 ft pole is constructed of 10 sections with wall thickness of 1/16 inch, and collapses to 46 inches for easy storage and transportation. Other telescopic pole sizes (19 to 28 ft) are also available (see web site), and some can be stacked to reach over 40 ft.

    DX4WIN Logging Program - Winner K4ISV
    Value $108.90 - Donated by DX4WIN
    DX4WIN is an easy to use, yet powerful logging program for every ham. It has been designed for the the serious and the casual DXer. It has a number of features that make operating in a contest fun from the DXers perspective, and if you use a contesting program, DX4WIN can import your log after the contest. DX4WIN operates under Windows/95/98 and Windows/NT/2000/XP. DX4WIN offers more in features and speed than any other logging program on the market today at a very affordable price. We have built an excellent reputation for our responsiveness and support and updates have been distributed for FREE.

    1000 Full-Color Custom QSL Cards (5 to be given away!) - Winners KU8E, N2NC, W6AQ, K4TMC, N9VV
    Value $105.95 each, Total Value $529.75 - Donated by Octavia QSLs
    Since 1995 Octavia Company has been creating, designing and printing quality QSL cards for radio enthusiasts internationally. Whatever your QSL printing needs, Octavia can produce it. We give each order careful attention while being produced. If you are looking for very personal care and an attractive QSL, you are in the right place. Five winners will each receive 1000 Full-color Custom QSL Cards, with back-side printing.

    Heil Quiet Phone Headset - Winner W4CEO
    Value $99.00 - Donated by Heil Sound
    The Heil QUIET PHONE is a result of many years of research and development at Heil Sound. Normal headsets are designed to reproduce audio and pay no attention to the outside environment. In most cases, the background noise is louder than the program info that comes through the speakers in the headset. Heil Sound applies a unique active noise canceling technology using two small out of phase microphones placed deep inside the comfortable headphone. These mics listen to the outside ambient noise as well as the high quality program information. Truly a big step forward in amateur radio headphones and Heil Sound is proud to introduce this high quality active noice canceling technology.

    ADI AT-201 2 meter HT - Winner N2IK
    Value $98.95 - Donated by Cheapham.com
    Single Band HT for Two Meters, The AT-201 is Pryme/ADIs advanced single band 2 meter handheld. The radio has 40 memory channels, programmable band scan, automatic repeater offset, frequency or channel display, and more. The unit has a rugged metal chassis and nicely backlit keypad. It comes standard with a 12 volt battery, which provides 5 watts of RF power, perfect for accessing those distant repeaters., Features: Transmit Range: 144-148 MHz (AT-201), Receive Range: 130-179 MHz (AT-201), MARS and CAP capable (permits are required), 5-watts output (with 12 VDC), 40 memory channels store any offset or tone, CTCSS encode and decode included, programmable band and memory scan modes, DTMF paging included, dual frequency watch, auto-repeater offset, user selectable frequency or channel display modes,backlit display and keypad, Size: 4.25" (H) x 2" (W) x 1.3" (D) excluding battery pack. Includes: Radio, antenna, belt clip, wrist strap, battery pack (12 volt, 600 mAH NiMH) and wall charger (10 hour). Prize includes shipping in the USA.

    XT4 CW Keyer and matching BD1-XT paddle - Winner W3LPL
    Value $98.00 - Donated by Unified Microsystems - W9XT
    The XT-4 is a battery powered CW memory keyer. The small size and weight makes it perfect for Field Day, DXpeditions, County Hunting mobile operations, VHF rover and portable or vacation operations. Its clean design will also look great in your shack. The XT-4 is fully iambic with self-completing characters. The CW speed range is 8-45 WPM. The BD-XT BullDog paddle is the right choice when you need a lightweight Iambic key for your portable operations. It's also the perfect companion to the XT-4 memory keyer! Despite its small size, they rival the feel of full size paddles costing many times more. The BD-XT has a large base designed to mount the XT-4 memory keyer. Velcro pads hold the keyer firmly in place, yet allow instant removal for battery replacement. The pre-wired cable is ready to plug right into the XT-4.

    UltraLite Senior 160-10m HF Antenna (2 to be given away) - Winners W9IXX, PA1T
    Value $89.95 each, Total Value $179.90 - Donated by K1JEK
    What is an UltraLite Cobra? The original homebrew Cobra used unwieldy Romex house wire for its element--making the antenna difficult to handle and prone to breakage. UltraLite Cobras are different because they are professionally designed and engineered to survive New Englands harsh winter climate. Weighing only four pounds including the feedline, they install quickly and pull up higher with far less stress on tree branches and support lines. At the same time, UltraLites are built to last! The black marine-grade ABS insulators wont deteriorate in sun or fracture in cold. All hardware is stainless. All wire is uV stable and pull-tested for strength. UltraLites come pre-assembled and ready to install with 100-feet of rugged copper-weld ladder line attached. Two prizes will be awarded - each winner will receive ONE UltraLite Senior 160-10m Multi-Band HF Antenna plus free shipping in the USA.

    Alinco DJ-196T 2m HT - Winner K1GU
    Value $80.00 - Donated by KG4YJR & KG4YJQ
    Alinco DJ-196T 2m HT is used, but in very good condition. Bought at a hamfest so do not know exactly how old radio is (Ser. No. T103351). Looks good, works good and battery holds a charge for a long time. Also has the box and manual. Prize will be shipped for free in the USA.

    One Year of Web Hosting with Domain Name - Winner KC5R
    Value $74.35 - Donated by QTH.com - KA9FOX
    The winner will receive one full year of web hosting at QTH.com (Bronze Package - a $59.40 value), PLUS the Registration or the Renewal of a Domain Name (value $14.95). The value of this package can be applied to any other web hosting package at QTH.com. Bronze Package includes 1 gigabyte of data transfer per month, 15 mb of disk space, Webmail, Spam Filtering, Unlimited e-mail forwarding, Front Page 2002 extensions, web-based control panel and much, much more. Click on logo for full details.

    Lighted Microphone Callsign Plaque - Winner W4ATL
    Value $69.00 - Donated by Neutek USA
    Light is triggered by sensing RF. Measures 5 inches high and 1 3/4 inches wide. Desktop stand or wall mount hanger. 18 yellow steady LEDs. Your Callsign or Name printed on front (3 to 6 alphanumerics), or choose ON AIR. Really cool and unique item for hams.

    Model 5 CW Keying Interface - Winner F5VHJ
    Value $62.00 - Donated by TR Log
    These parallel port CW keying interfaces are made by Jack Schuster W1WEF. They are built directly into a DB-25 connector shell, making for a very neat and compact package. These keying interfaces will also work with CT, NA, DX4WIN, CW Type, and other Amateur Radio programs Model 5 includes PTT, paddle and footswitch inputs. With TR LOG, a footswitch can perform many tasks, such as swapping radios for two radio contesting, perform a dupe check, start sending a reply before you've completely typed in a callsign, navigate the bandmap, and more. Learn more about TR LOG's advanced footswitch mode.

    Yo-Yo-Vee-6 Portable Multiband Dipole Antenna - Winner AL7B
    Value $59.95 - Donated by DWM Communications
    Why spend hundreds for portability? The Yo-Yo-Vee Model 6 is a multiband antenna, capable of operating 40 meters through 2 meters, and can be adjusted to operate on three bands at once, without the aid of a lossy tuner! Additional pairs of reels need to be purchased for 60-75-80 meter operation (Two reels) or 160 meters. (Four reels.) See our web site for information.

    Model 3 CW Keying Interfaces - THREE Separate prizes - Winner W5MJ, K7DD, K1LZ
    Value $52.00 each, Total Value $156.00 - Donated by TR Log
    These parallel port CW keying interfaces are made by Jack Schuster W1WEF. They are built directly into a DB-25 connector shell, making for a very neat and compact package. These keying interfaces will also work with CT, NA, DX4WIN, CW Type, and other Amateur Radio programs Model 3 includes PTT and paddle inputs.

    ProLog2k Logging Software - Winner 2E1RDX
    Value $50.00 - Donated by ProLog - Datamatrix
    ProLog2K Logging Program For Win 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP. Full featured logging form with all contact information and award status available at a glance. Field-to-field sequencing is fully customizable permitting you to order and utilize only the information fields you desire. Sort your logbook by Date/Time, Callsign, DXCC, QTH, State, County, Province, CQZ, ITUZ, Continent, Grid Square, IOTA, Name, Note, Power, Prefix, QSL Manager, 1010 Number, VP Number or QSL Status. Support for up to thirty-six logbooks each with its own award tracking. Interactive PacketCluster to monitor DX Spots and WWV reports. Built-in support for standard TNC or Internet monitoring via DX-Summit. MUCH MORE -- see web site for full details.

    $50 Gift Certificate - Winner N8TR
    Value $50.00 - Donated by Harbach Electronics
    Parts and upgrades for Heathkit SB-200, SB-220 and HL-2200 amps, and many other parts too numerous to mention. See the website for a complete list of items. Prize is for up to $50 in items plus shipping in the US.

    "Amateur Radio Companion" & "ARC Antenna Reference" CD-ROMs - Winner K3WW
    Value $50.00 - Donated by Amateur Radio Companion
    You've heard of the ARRL Handbook and the RSGB Handbook, not to mention various other books and manuals? Do you spend US$35 or more each for these manuals and only refer to a few sections? They are good references, but what if you could get a complete reference with commonly needed information, at a fraction of the cost? Sound good? Then the Amateur Radio Companion CD is the reference for you! Prize also includes a copy of the ARC Antenna Reference. What is on the CD? - Antenna basics - Radiation patterns - Transmission lines - Coaxial cable types - Impedance matching - Design & construction details - Built-in calculators plus a range of files and programs for: - calculating antenna dimensions - impedance matching values - transmission line lengths - antenna modelling.

    GP-1 Radial Buss - Winner K4ISV
    Value $35.95 - Donated by Lance Johnson Engineering
    The GP-1 by Lance Johnson Engineering is a Cast Alumaloy Buss designed to improve the installation of Radials on an HF Vertical or Ground Plane Antenna. Alumaloy is a strong alloy comprised of 90 percent Aluminum and 10 percent Magnesium that is commonly used on Magnesium Wheels in the Automobile Industry. The GP-1 is suitable for both Ground and Elevated Vertical Installations. The GP-1 was reviewed in CQ Magazine in August of 1984 and is great for 4-Square Arrays. The GP-1 is very helpful on DXpeditions as it makes the installation of Radials very efficient.

    Nifty Accessories HT Desk Stand - Winner W2WJO
    Value $31.00 - Donated by ManualMan
    Get double duty out of your HT, add an external microphone and use it as a Base Station as well as a portable. The HT Stand holds your radio upright and steady at a convenient viewing angle. Stops a remotely connected antenna or external microphone from "dragging" your HT around on the desk. With its adjustable shelf, the HT stand fits just about any HT with a "belt clip." Made of steel, with soft rubber feet, the stand is very substantial, providing your radio with solid support. The stand now includes a cable clamp for restraining antenna, power supply and microphone cables.

    BD3 BullDog Classic Iambic Key - Winner W9WU
    Value $27.95 - Donated by K9LU - Amateur Radio Products
    The BD3 BullDog key has a smooth action that rivals or surpasses the feel of most full size keys and it is sporty, rugged and ready to slip it into your back pack or suitcase for QRP outings, trips, vacations, or DXpeditions. It also makes a great addition to the Ham Shack and it's small size makes it easy to tuck into tight spaces on your operating desk. Just use the included removable putty adhesive under each suction cup and you can stick the BD3 to just about anything. The putty is removable and reusable so you can easily reposition the key over and over again.

    Oak Callsign Plaque - Winner W5ZL
    Value $29.50 - Donated by K7BON
    Your call sign professionally crafted in oak from a computer designed pattern and finished in rich glossy tung oil. A perfect addition to your ham shack, or give as a gift. Perfect for birthdays or special occasions. Prize is for up to 6 letters/numbers in oak, plus shipping in the USA.